Field Training FTO / CTO

Onboard team members more efficiently than ever. With our automation tools, you can lay the foundation for effective communication and employee success from Day 1.

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Field Training FTO / CTO

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Onboard team members more efficiently than ever. With our automation tools, you can lay the foundation for effective communication and employee success from Day 1.

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Positive Relationships. Strong Communication. High-Performing Employees.

Transform Your Field Training Formula

Field training public safety software

Data At Your Fingertips

The best training program is one that allows supervisors to give timely corrections for improvement. Agency360’s FTO software centralizes and standardizes field training records. Supervisors can compile trainee information in one easy-to-access, cloud-based location. Quickly see how a trainee is progressing, how trainers are training, and areas that need attention.

+  Instant access from anywhere on the globe

+  Realtime reports present progress visually

+  Streamline communications with trainees



Completely Customized To Suit Your Program

When you come onboard as an Agency360 client, we'll help you customize the software to suit your unique programs and processes.  Whether you want to create a field training program for law enforcement, communications, corrections, or EMS, the system can be adapted to your unique procedures and goals.

+  Easily adapt software to fit your existing processes

+  Put your training programs on autopilot

+  Create your own measures for success

Field training public safety software solutions


Field training public safety management software

Empower Your Team With Real-Time Data

Whether you need to defend your decisions, gain new insights, or improve efficiencies, our real-time data supports your ability to command your organization with success. Easily access a clear and understandable view of your trainees instantly.

+  One-click access to results

+  Easy-to-understand interface for fast analysis

+  Make informed decisions backed by data

500+ Agencies Nationwide Use Agency360 To Streamline Onboarding & Field Training

"This gives my training officers the ability to provide daily observation reports and gives the trainee the ability to know where they are in their training each day. It also allows trainers to work on areas where the trainee is lacking and allows other training officers to provide feedback and suggestions on their training needs."
E. Gutierrez
Azusa, CA Police Department
"The platform itself is much more visually appealing than our last training documentation system... navigating through tabs is easier and the options are endless! I also like the self-reflections we have built in to encourage further discussion on employees training to date. "
Chelsea Labar
Portland, OR Communications & Dispatch

Software Highlights

Agency360 is packed with features that speed up your processes.

Blue-CheckDashboard view

Blue-Check Night mode

Blue-Check Error checking

Blue-Check Auto-save

Blue-CheckFTO-specific workflows

Blue-CheckQuiz templates

Blue-CheckCommon responses

Blue-Check Customizable review process

Blue-CheckCustomizable alerts

Blue-CheckDownloadable forms

Blue-CheckRequired comment fields

Blue-Check...and more!

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