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What does the ideal K-9 Program look like?

When evaluating your K-9 Program, pay careful consideration to tracking, training, and reporting capabilities.

  • Track training activities

    When questions arise, training records will be scrutinized. Make sure they are complete.

  • Instant access to all records

    Quickly find, evaluate, and provide accurate K-9 reports to supervisors or courts

  • Document consistently without major time commitments

    Making sure reporting is efficient ensures consistent use of the system

  • Documentation is complete and error free

    Common errors cause increased workload and threaten the integrity of the process

  • Tracking training and deployments

    Defending your department’s decisions will require detailed records that can be accessed quickly

  • Standardized

    Every handler is held to the same standards and formal policies

Typical K-9 Tracking Program Structures with Problems

No Formal System

Cannot adequately protect decisions

Paper Based System

Creates extra work and inconsistencies

Cumbersome Software

Software is too complex

How Does Agency 360 K-9 Software Support the Ideal K-9 Management Program?

Our value to your agency is that we will tirelessly pursue the ideal K-9 Software. Our engineers are constantly seeking to make your job easier.


Enforce standards across all members of the K-9 Team.   Agency360’s error checking will help avoid users forget to fill out fields, use appropriate grammar and spelling, and otherwise help users avoid common form mistakes.


With a completely customizable interface that is simple to configure, your K-9 Software will be a perfect match for your K-9 program.   As the training for your dogs change, so can the software to document the odors, drugs, and other materials your agency uses.


Access robust reporting and analytics that detail your K9 training and deployments.  See how a single dog and K9 handler pair is performing or all your K9 teams.

Agency 360 Designs All Public Safety Software To Be:

Easy To Use

• Usable for all skills levels
• Easier than paper forms
• Intuitive interface
• Designed by police officers
• Quick access to records


• Modular design
• Expandable
• Unique to your agency
• Track the data you want
• Affordable add-ons

State of the Art

• Web-based
• Cutting-edge interface
• Latest architecture
• Microsoft Azure data center
• Instant updates


• Quick training
• Maintenance free
• Easy access to records
• Instant quantitative details
• Error checking

There are plenty of reasons to make the switch to Agency 360.  Our software will help you:

  • Save time completing paperwork for K-9 deployment and training activities
  • Avoid having to buy a server, software to run it, and dealing with the routine maintenance to keep it operating.
  • Access your K-9 program information anytime, anywhere, and not wonder what’s going on in the K-9 team
  • See your data in new ways with graphs and charts to justify and defend your decisions.
  • Help the environment by reducing your paper use.

What they’re saying about Agency 360:

The best choice our department made in choosing a web-based field training FTO software program.

– Sergeant Rob Smith, Logansport Police Department – 

FAQ About K-9 Software

Can we customize the drop down options?

Absolutely! Different agencies do things differently than others and our goal is to provide a completely customized solutions for public agencies. Our software can be customized simply and quickly with minimal computer skills needed.

Will the K-9 Tracking Software work for different dog specialties?

Definitely! Whether you are tracking cadaver dogs, bomb sniffing dogs, drug dogs, patrol dogs, or any other, you’ll find the software capable of handling any type of K-9 team!

Can I see reporting on all dogs in the unit?

Yes! You can see detailed training records on one K-9 or multiple K-9 Units.

Can I quickly access all of my training records for court?

Having the proper information for court is often critical to our clients. Agency 360 has built K-9 tracking software that gives you quick and complete access to all records within the system.

Do I have to input a new form for each find?

No. If you are training on multiple finds in one training session, you are able to drop multiple records into the software at one time.

As low as $1000 per year for an agency with less than 50 sworn.

*A one-time setup fee may apply.