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What does the ideal field training program look like?

When evaluating your field training program, there is a lot to consider. Agency 360 studies field training programs every day. Here’s what we’ve found about what the best systems have in common.

  • Consistent grading to the same standard

    Great programs seek to eliminate bias in field training observation from field trainer to field trainer

  • Instant feedback for trainees

    Timely correction of potential opportunities for improvement keeps your department current and efficient

  • Supervisors are able to act on problems immediately

    Quick decisive, action is key to minimizing potential risks to the agency

  • Documentation is complete and error free

    Common errors cause increased workload and threaten the integrity of the process

  • Administrators can quickly access high-level overview

    Decisions to focus on program improvement areas require accurate, complete data summarized in a usable format

  • Standardized

    Every trainee is held to the same standards and formal policies

Fishers Police Department Case Study

Are you ready to see how the Agency360 software can truly make a difference?

+  How much time, money, and paper the FPD saved using this software.

+  The FPD’s reaction to the software after implementation.

+  How the FPD was positively impacted by Agency 360’s software.

Hamilton County 9-1-1 Case Study Hamilton County Public Safety Communications Case Study

Are you ready to see how the Agency360 software can truly make a difference?

+  How to fight a legal suit against your agency.

+  The CTO’s response to the ease of use the software provided.

+  How easy it was to export the information for the legal case.

Typical Field Training Program Structures with Problems

No Formal System

Lack of a formal system poses serious legal risk to the agency and its supervisors

Paper Based System

Paper-based FTO programs cause too much work, are filled out inconsistently, and create unnecessary errors

Do-It-Yourself Templates

DIY templates often miss steps, are hard to distribute changes, and can be redundant.

Complex Software

Software that is too difficult to understand will be rejected by users; Agency 360 makes it easy.

How Does Agency 360 FTO Software Support the Ideal Field Training Program?

Our value to your agency is that we will tirelessly pursue the ideal FTO Software. Our engineers are constantly seeking to make your job easier.


Field training officers are busy, the task of watching their trainee while performing the job can be overwhelming.  A common mistake is for an FTO to forget how specifically the agency wants him/her to grade a certain performance category.   However, not consistently training to the organization’s standards can wreck havoc on your field training program and put your organization in legal trouble.  With Agency360’s field training software, field training officers can quickly see the standard evaluation guidelines on screen as daily observation report is completed.


The best training is one that allows you to give timely corrections of potential opportunities for improvement.  Agency360’s FTO software allows supervisors to see how a trainee is progressing giving you immediate feedback of where a trainee stands.   With detailed graphs and reports you can now defend your decisions and present the information in more visually appealing manner.


Have you ever dug through your old paperwork and found incomplete forms and missing pieces of information?  Agency360’s FTO Software requires forms be completed correctly prior to submitting them.  Never have the frustration of incomplete forms again and eliminate wasting time tracking down FTOs to correct the paperwork.


Robust reporting with instant access to real-time data allows everyone who needs to know the ability to see intimate details of your field training program.  Instead of explaining the status of trainees in and field training officers with piles of paperwork, break it down in easy to understand graphs.

Agency 360 Designs All Public Safety Software To Be:


• Quick training
• Maintenance free
• Easy access to records
• Instant quantitative details
• Error checking


• Modular design
• Expandable
• Unique to your agency
• Track the data you want
• Affordable add-ons

Easy To Use

• Usable for all skills levels
• Easier than paper forms
• Intuitive interface
• Designed by police officers
• Quick access to records

State of the Art

• Web-based
• Cutting-edge interface
• Latest architecture
• Microsoft Azure data center
• Instant updates

There are plenty of reasons to make the switch to Agency 360.  Our FTO software will help you:

  • Save each of your Field Trainers, Supervisors, and Field Training Coordinators a few hours of paperwork each week.
  • Avoid having to buy a server, software to run it, and dealing with the routine maintenance to keep it operating.
  • Access your field training information anytime, anywhere, and not wonder where the weekend’s observations went.
  • See your data in new ways with graphs and charts to justify and defend your decisions.
  • Help the environment by reducing your paper use.

What they’re saying about Agency 360:

The best choice our department made in choosing a web-based field training FTO software program.

– Sergeant Rob Smith, Logansport Police Department – 

FAQ About Field Training Software

Can we customize the performance categories and rating scale to our Field Training program?

Customizing the Agency 360 FTO Software is simple and requires almost no technical skills to adapt the Field Training Software to match your internal field training program.

Can we track our service calls during training?

Yes. Tracking call types is super easy and detailed statistics are available in real-time. These stats can be easily accessed from a variety of different devices.

Can we still print out a field training binder for each recruit?

Yes! The difference is that the binder that used to take hours to produce are available at a touch of a button and are consistent from recruit to recruit

Does this work for different training models like the San Jose Field Training Model?

The field training software (FTO Software) that Agency 360 is designed to incorporate any model. Because it can be customized so easily, there are few limits to the types of field trainings that can be tracked.

Can I compare trainee performance?

Absolutely. Knowing how each trainee is performing relative to their peers is an important feature of field training software. It allows you to assess not only individual candidates, but also field trainers and the field training program, in general.

Can my trainees evaluate their FTO?

Yes, there is actually an FTO critique form built into the system!

FTO Software as low as $1197 per year for agencies under 100 total employees

* A one-time setup fee may apply.