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Performance tracking is a process, not an event

It’s easy to think of performance tracking as an annual review or semi-annual review. The fact is that tracking performance of employees, identifying early warning signs, and recognizing behavior trends cannot wait until the annual review. Below are some of the key characteristics of great performance tracking programs:

  • Information needs to be readily accessible

    When a suit is brought against an agency is not the time to have to sort through information.

  • Continuous updating of data makes yearly reviews easier

    It’s easy to forget what has happened throughout the year if you do not keep timely notes.

  • Consistency across the organization is imperative

    Employee assessment criteria should not be open to interpretation.

  • Documentation is complete and error free

    Paper forms often are not adequate since they do not enforce completion

  • Early warning signs need to be identified prior to problems

    Continuous tracking of performance gives insight into potential problems before they happen

  • Standardized

    Discrimination law suits arise when employees are held to different standards. This is avoidable

Typical Performance Tracking Program Structures with Problems

No Formal System

The worst possible solution.

Paper Based System

Results in errors and inconsistencies

Irrelevant Software

Not designed for public safety agencies

How Does Agency 360 Performance Tracking Software Support the Ideal Performance Tracking Program?

Our value to your agency is that we will tirelessly pursue the ideal Performance Tracking Software. Our engineers are constantly seeking to make your job easier.


Consistency is imperative when evaluating employees and ensuring equal and fair treatment.  Supervisors can instantly see what the agency standards are to help them avoid any inconsistency that may occur.


Users can quickly access forms and reports from where they work; in the car, on station, or in the field where internet access is available.  Being able to quickly find the documentation you need when you need it will help you agency be more efficient and effective when dealing with employee performance evaluations.


Agency360’s employee performance software will immediately alert you to problem incidents with employees.   Instead of wondering what happened over the weekend, immediately see the employee and supervisor’s description of events to help you determine the next course of action.


Built in error and completion checking ensures you never receive an incomplete form again!  Our employee performance software can help you avoid common spelling and grammar mistakes, but also ensure that certain forms are completed correctly by requiring comments for certain scores.


A detailed bird’s eye view of department performance can help you spot trends and see results.   Defend your decisions with quantifiable information and see agency performance visually in an instant.

Agency 360 Designs All Public Safety Software To Be:

Easy To Use

• Usable for all skills levels
• Easier than paper forms
• Intuitive interface
• Designed by police officers
• Quick access to records


• Modular design
• Expandable
• Unique to your agency
• Track the data you want
• Affordable add-ons

State of the Art

• Web-based
• Cutting-edge interface
• Latest architecture
• Tier IV data center
• Instant updates


• Quick training
• Maintenance free
• Easy access to records
• Instant quantitative details
• Error checking

There are plenty of reasons to make the switch to Agency 360.  Our software will help you:

  • Save each of your supervisors time completing and preparing performance evaluation tasks for every employee they manage.
  • Avoid having to buy a server, software to run it, and dealing with the routine maintenance to keep it operating.
  • Access your employee performance information anytime, anywhere, and not wonder where the weekend’s observations went.
  • See your data in new ways with graphs and charts to justify and defend your decisions.
  • Help the environment by reducing your paper use.

What they’re saying about Agency 360:

The best choice our department made in choosing a web-based field training FTO software program.

– Sergeant Rob Smith, Logansport Police Department – 


Does your software help with accreditation?

You betcha! Our software can be configured to enforce your policies and procedures. Standardize your evaluation program and instantly create a secure chain of custody for your forms.

What happens to our licenses when we buy more computers?

Nothing. There is no licensing with our field training software. You can use it on as many computers as you like until your term expires. Being web-based, you can use the program on station, in your car, or even from home.

What if we have staff members that hate using the computer?

Our program is the easiest to use performance evaluation program available. We have worked hard to make the system very simple following the K.I.S.S. principle. If you can fill out a paper evaluation, you can use our software.

Do we need to assign one of our employees to be the "computer guru" to maintain and install the software?

Absolutely not! We host the site which ensures that you never have to worry about backups, viruses, firewalls, etc. You probably have far more important things to do besides figuring out how to install and configure a server.

Something so state of the art is probably too expensive for our department

Actually, our pricing is very affordable. We designed this system to give agencies of all sizes the ability to have high tech software that won’t break the budget. Contact us to get a free quote.

How is your customer support?

We have various support options to fit your needs. Even our basic packages come with a support option. To find out what field training officers say about us, read some of our reviews in the blocks to the right.

Can we still print out our forms?

Yes, you can print completed forms at anytime or save them to disk/cd/shared drive. We enable you to export your data to MS Word or Adobe PDF formats. Now you can digitize your employee evals and save them in their personnel file.

How secure is the system?

High level encryption, secure logins, and even a Tier IV data center (the highest possible), are just some of the ways we have worked to make our system safe. Our protocols and procedures are similar to what banks use to let you access your information online. Over the years we have found that our security tends to be stronger and more thorough than most municipalities.

As low as $1200 per year for agencies under 100 total employees.

* A one-time setup fee may apply.