Field Training Programs: History and Tips

When the game, the show, or lives are on the line what does it take to consistently perform at your best?  This is a question that continues to come into focus for public safety agencies around the country. It’s natural to imagine what we “want” to do in that critical moment, but how do you make the jump from dream to reality?  Hall of Fame basketball player Michael Jordan used to spend hours practicing his 3 pointers each one like the game was on the line. (ESPN) Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Bruce Springsteen gives credit to his mentor, fellow musician Pete Seeger for much of his success. Michael Jordan and Bruce Springsteen didn’t get to where they were in their careers by learning from a book or doing it alone. Springsteen had to learn from others and Jordan had to shoot like his opponent was pressuring him. Public safety professionals put their lives on the line everyday to protect us. They can’t just be asked to take on that responsibility without proper training and mentoring. Star athletes, great entertainers, and public safety officers know that good coaching and plenty of practice are the keys to success.  However, to make training as realistic as possible there has to be a plan. In public safety, you have to bring new hires on board and ensure they have the right mentors to get them up to speed and avoid common hurdles.  For law enforcement, the plan started nearly 60 years ago with the creation of a Field Training Program. Read more

Training Program Manuals

FTO Manuals

CTO, FTO, Training Manuals all piled up with no place to go.

It’s always nice when you can compare your FTO, CTO or other training program with that of different agencies.  There is no need to reinvent the wheel, but you want to make sure the approach to training is a modern and applicable one.  Below you will find a list of different training manuals and what category they fall under.  We hope this will help you make adjustments to your program or serve as a resource to create one!

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