June in Review

Participating in conferences allows us to meet our out of state clients as well as learn about other organizations and how we can help better our training solution.  June was a busy time for conferences.  We were able to meet local and national communication/dispatch agencies at the 2016 NENA Conference.  During the conference, Agency360’s Matt Molter presented the session with a few NENA Education Advisory Board Members to address “Common Mistakes in CTO Training”.  For NENA 2017 in San Antonio, we will be collaborating with Guardian Tracking on a fun booth activity, so keep an eye out.

After visiting with the Communication/Dispatch professionals, we headed up north to Minneapolis for the 2016 NSA Conference to hang out with sheriffs and their staff from all over the US. During the NSA conference we got the opportunity to eat some great Louisiana cuisine. Since the incoming president is from Louisiana, he brought sheriffs from the state to hold a cook out in Minneapolis. From gator to catfish and boudin balls to crawfish; we got to eat some of the best Cajun food we’ve ever had. Great job, Louisiana Sheriffs!

Check out the photos from our June adventures in the scrolling album below. 

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3 Things Field Training Software Can’t Do

In a previous post, we listed 5 ways FTO software can improve your field training program.  Although there are benefits and improvements a quality software can provide for your program, there are certain aspects of a Field Training that software cannot control.  Below are a few instances of what field training software can’t change about your Field Training Program.

1. Good People

No software can replace the Field Training Officer that knows three different ways to teach a concept a trainee is struggling with.  The great mentorship and positive role model Field Training Officers can be during and after the program, is far beyond the reach of what an FTO software can control.  

What FTO software can do is notify you of the grading trends of Field Training Officers to help understand whether they are hard or easy graders compared to their peers.  Also, software can present data to inform you of the amount of training time and hours of hard work FTOs have put in, but it will never be able to replace the Field Training Officer that goes the extra mile.   

2. Problem Solving

Deciding how to approach that dispatch call that went from normal to chaotic, or any situation where outside the box thinking is required, is not something a field training software can accomplish.  Complex problem solving – whether it be on a scene or in deciding how to handle a trainee – is something FTO Software cannot replace.  

FTO Software can simplify the Field Training Officer’s or Coordinator’s work in documenting the incident quickly and accurately.  Software can even tell you how many times the trainee or FTO did a specific call or used a specific skill.   Simple rules of what to do when “X” happens can also be created to make the process easier.  However, the process of figuring out what to do and what is best for a unique or complex situation is well beyond the scope of an FTO Software.

3.  Agency-Wide Support

It takes support from the entire department to adequately fill the gap from classroom to real world education.  Setting the right culture and tone throughout the organization has a direct impact on a new probationary officer’s morale, and creating the environment to be successful is a team effort.   An FTO Program can only be truly successful when both the leadership and the field training staff are giving it proper attention.

FTO Software can report on your field training program and provide detailed graphs and visuals explaining the strengths and weaknesses of a specific trainee and the entire program.  FTO Software may help you standardize your program and increase consistency in your training.  But no software can replace leadership and a culture that supports the efforts of the field training program.   


Although an FTO software program can do a lot to move an agency into the 21st century and help standardize their field training program, it can’t do everything.  A software cannot create quality people that can show empathy, perform the complex problem solving required for public safety, or create a department culture where new trainees can thrive, but it can help support these areas by making everyone’s job a little easier.  If you’d like to learn more about Agency360 Field Training Software and how it can automate your documentation and create detailed reports of your training progress, click the link below to get a free demo.  

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Future of Field Training

The Future of Field Training Software for Public Safety

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5 Ways FTO Software can improve your Field Training Program

The days of filling out your case reports on paper and handing in your tickets at the end of the shift are long gone or soon will be.  The 21st century is here, and the digital revolution is hitting public safety at full force.  As your agency and others continue to go paperless with much of their operations, often times the field training program is left out.  Pen and paper (or Word templates that get printed out to retain their signatures) means some agencies are still far away from those paperless dreams.  Read more


Agency360, a leading innovator in Public Safety Software, and Reborn Code, developers of handcrafted code for web and mobile apps, were named winners of the Indiana-Texas Hackathon challenge.

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